why i think moffat is gross and why it has nothing to do with plot

i always think it’s really weird when something is blatantly sexist and a woman has no issue with this, and i suppose you can’t really choose what you’re offended by but sometimes it’s out of hand

so i guess when i say moffat is a sexist and people write it off it’s not a huge deal because of the fact that you, personally, are not offended by it.  it’s a huge deal because a large portion of viewers find it funny and this leaves a very interesting dynamic between me, the moffat critic, and you, the moffat lover.

i have no problem with you enjoying the show. really.  good on you!  you can enjoy whatever you want and i’m not going to stop you.  it’s your prerogative to ignore bad writing and sexist lines and racist undertones. if that’s okay with you, whatever.  but to deny it happening, and saying it’s not a big deal, is basically where i’m going to have a problem.

some of the differences between RTD and moffat punch me in the face.  RTD writes a beautiful woman of color training to be a doctor who gets herself out of a rebound situation because she knows staying with the doctor is bad for her health.  RTD writes a character who had an ordinary life but showed everyone that she had what it took to kick ass and that in times of need (impossible planet/satan pit) she could take control of a situation and get people out alive.  RTD writes a secretary who had nothing else going for her in life besides a future doing nothing but sitting at a desk and writes a non-romantic, familial story between her and her companionship with the doctor, to the point where she is essentially the main character of the story.

moffat writes “mystery girl”.  moffat writes BUT SHE’S A MYSTERY!  SHE’S DIFFERENT!!!  HOW QUIRKY!!!! moffat writes girls that are witty enough, but submissive enough.  still not on the same level as the doctor because he saves the day and he’s wonderful and nothing he does can ever be wrong.

amy’s independent but not enough to escape marriage.  and motherhood.  and a completely emotionless separation from her child.  amy can fend for herself until she has a husband.  a husband who, when she’s separated from, she becomes a blubbering mess who can’t save herself and needs the doctor to carry her unconsious body bridal style out of an explosion because he’s perfect and can’t do anything wrong ever

river showed interest in archaeology! she’s interesting!  she cares for her team!  she’s fun and quirky and her story appears really cool!  but when she dies she surrenders this.  she’s a mother.  she is reduced to maternal instincts she’s never had before because she’s a woman.  we learn she only does whatever she does for the doctor.  because he’s perfect.  her life revolves around him because he’s the most “wonderful and brilliant man”.

clara is the newest companion who literally is not like the viewer in any way.  she’s PERFECT, to the point of this being a point in people’s theories of who she is.  she is actually too perfect.  quirky!!! witty!! nice!!! motherly!!! curious!!! adventurous!!! flirty!!! upstanding!!! modest!!  WHITE!!!!

she’s not relate-able.  she’s a mystery.  she’s the plot. that is very bad writing.  characters create the plot, they aren’t the plot itself.  ”she’s a woman” !! hhahaahha because women are evil spirits

it’s disgusting.  quite frankly it is the most sexist, not progressive show i see on tumblr right now besides supernatural who literally consists of straight, middle-aged white males and all the females die.

however shitty his plot writing is, it’s nothing compared to his sexism.  NOTHING.  i promise you that i don’t give a shit if his plots suck.  like i said, i watch supernatural which has had a shitty plot for like six seasons now.  shitty plot doesn’t matter to me at all and if it were the only problem i promise i would still watch the show.  journey’s end is like my favorite episode and that writing is so fucking atrocious if you pitched it to a book publisher you wouldn’t be published for 100000 years

it’s the fucking sexism i have a problem with and it scares me that people defend this asshole like it’s their duty, like if you say anything else it’s insulting and ungrateful

i would rather the show not be on at all!!! and it’s not like i can just not watch it, because it is probably the biggest media outlet for “nerdy” teen girls and they consume that and think it’s a-ok when it’s NOT.

someone needs to call his shit out and if it takes writing essays on the internet because he has cut out all form of communication to block criticism, then FINE because i could write about what a shitty human being he is all fucking day

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