starfighter pacific rim au


doesnt anyone just want to lay in bed after you wake up? just lay in bed for an hour or so appreciating the peace this world has to offer. well i do. i was laying in bed appreciating the peace of this world whn nancy mcnelly called me 

science of water is, from what I have heard, absolute bullshit and I would not blame you for bugging out

it’s the first day though so i’d assume there’s some sort of roster to call present for?

this lecture is supposed to be 100+ people in physics 101, and honestly that’s already too many fucking people in that space for me.

i want to go home, i really dont feel like dealing with this science of water bullshit right now and if it lasts too long i’m jsut fucking leaving


not knowing who a character is after a large change and portraying that character as potentially dangerous and unpredictable in a bad way is FAR more compelling than “he’s impossible and so great i love him!”



Yo! My name is Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey…This is cosplay as Cinematic Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider Man. This suit was made by 
Jesse Covington ( Writer and Costume Designer) and sewn by Sasha Williams ( Fashion Major graduate). Photos were taken by Pierre BL Brevard I specifically would like to thank Marvel Comics Artist Sara Pichelli for designing this character. I’m also very excited to see Olivier Coipel's work on Spider-Verse!

(Full shoot will be shot in New York itself just in time for NYCC)


I love how Hiccup’s sword (based on the look of the metal) wouldn’t really be of good use in a fight. The metal rods don’t look thick enough to withstand an actual sword, but that’s the point. Hiccup’s sword isn’t meant for fighting, it’s meant for connecting with dragons, it’s meant for to soothe, not to fight or harm…

It’s a pacifistic sword for a pacifistic hero. 


When relatives/random people im forced to engage with start talking about “”gay people”” like some mysterious unknowable entity



tumblr text posts: doctor who (rtd era)